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In the past, many methods of carpet cleaning were used to remove stains. Using tea leaves and cut grass as a dust collector, a lemon, pipe clay, and oil were used to remove ink, grease, and other stains. Ox gall and naphtha were used to remove general dirt and grime, and ammonia and chloroform were used for discolouration and insect removal. Today, steam from a clothes iron is used to apply wax and dislodge soil from carpets. The traditional methods are still very effective, and are eco-friendly.

However, the cost of carpet cleaning varies greatly depending on the type of material used and the company you choose. Always ask for a binding estimate, as these estimates are generally more accurate. Non-binding estimates may vary as a result of unforeseen circumstances at home. The additional work your carpet requires can also add to the overall cost of cleaning. Different types of carpets have different cleaning characteristics, so it is best to hire a professional carpet cleaning company with experience and proper training to properly care for your home.

Before hiring a carpet cleaning company, make sure to discuss the amount of time needed for the cleaning. The cleaning process can take as long as four hours. While you don’t want your carpet to dry for more than a day, a professional company can clean it in as little as two hours. And the technician will work around your heavy furniture to get underneath it. And, of course, the technician will make sure to clean every inch of your carpet before leaving.

In addition to professional cleaning, you should change your home’s furnace filter at least once a year. Dust settles in ductwork and is blown onto your carpeting. A clogged furnace filter won’t trap the airborne dust, so it’s best to replace the filter every year. Daily vacuuming helps remove the dust and dirt that settles on your carpet. Keeping it clean can prevent wear and tear. The right cleaning method is crucial for your carpet and your home’s overall health.

If you’ve spilled greasy food, juice, or chocolate on your carpet, the first step is to remove it as soon as possible. You can use a soft brush to scrape out the candy, and you can also blot the area with a wet cloth or paper towels. If the spill is large enough, it might require several treatments. Once you’re done with this process, you’ll be amazed at the difference in your carpet.

Dry cleaning methods are also effective. Dry cleaning, for instance, involves applying a foam-like liquid cleaning agent to your carpet. Then, the cleaning agent dries into powder, which is easily vacuumed or brushed away. Since dry cleaning does not involve water, it’s also less drying time than other methods. However, some carpets do require a drying time of eight to twenty four hours. Fortunately, this procedure is non-toxic and will leave your carpet looking brand-new.

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